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  • Why are you switching to MassageBook for bookings?
    I'm upgrading to MassageBook to provide you with a smoother booking experience. It offers convenient scheduling and ensures a hassle-free process for everyone.
  • How do I sign up for MassageBook?
    Register your free account by clicking here, and then visit my MassageBook page after to book your next appointment.
  • How do I get to your MassageBook page?
    To access my MassageBook page, simply visit From there, you can schedule your appointment hassle-free for today or later. Starting July 1st, 2024, you will be able reach my MassageBook page by visiting
  • How can I receive the $20 off offer?
    To receive the $20 off offer, simply sign up for a free account on MassageBook and book your next massage appointment for today or later through this provided link. Your discount will be available during checkout.
  • Will there be any changes in pricing for services?
    No, the pricing for services remains the same. You will continue to enjoy the same rates for the massage services you love.
  • When will the new booking system be effective?
    You can book on either my current website or MassageBook page today, but starting July 1st, you will only be able to book through MassageBook page. On July 1st, 2024 will lead you directly to my MassageBook page.
  • Will there be new promotions and coupons available?
    Yes, with the transition to MassageBook, new promotions and coupons will be available for you to enjoy. Keep an eye out for exciting offers to enhance your massage experience even further.
  • Can I still use gift cards for bookings?
    Yes, gift cards issued before May 1st, 2024, will be honored. However please note that after July 1, 2024, they won't be redeemable online. To schedule an appointment using a gift card, please contact me via email at or text at 603-401-9396 (Text Preferred).
  • Where can I buy gift cards?
    Starting today, gift cards can only be purchased from my MassageBook page.
  • When will my bring me to your MassageBook page?
    Starting July 1st, my current URL ( will guide you directly to my MassageBook page, where you can book appointments and view special promotions.
  • What if I have more questions or need assistance?
    If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to me via email at or text at 603-401-9396 (Text Preferred). I'm here to ensure your experience remains smooth and enjoyable.
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